Voice-over Services

Every voice-over project has different needs based on the script and the target audience, but the key requirement remains the same. I.e. the vocal aspects of delivery (tone, clarity, and enunciation) should meet highest standards. At diacriTech, we have a global pool of professional voice artists who accomplish just that. And there is very little effort needed on your part. Just specify the desired language accent, age, and gender of the voice-over artist including the project deadline. The rest is achieved by our team of experts for a very fair price. We do Voice Over for commercials ads, podcasts, audiobooks, videos etc.

Character design

Character Designing is all about envisioning the concept, style, and personality– to create vividly detailed artwork personifying a character. Few things contribute to great character design as well as the right combination of expression and style.
At diacriTech, we have the special kind of seasoned character artists who constantly strive with unique ideas to create characters with a difference. They have the right level of technical skill and imagination to adapt as needed and bring any kind of characters (Cartoon, Realistic, and Semi Realistic) to life.


The glorious world of animation needs no introduction. Whether it’s a simple doodle or illustration or a complicated explainer video, watching the action unfold through dynamic visuals is a treat by itself. In our insanely social media-driven world, the right animation can catapult the success of brands.  At diacriTech, our team of top notch creative thinkers keep up with with the latest in 2D/3D animation tools to deliver the best watch-to-the-end animations for web and print media. Avail our animation services to reach your target audience anywhere on desktop, mobile or TV.


When it comes to Interactive visuals, there is no denying that it creates an engaging and interactive experience for the users. At diacriTech, we have a team accomplished in creating interactive assets using industry-standard applications and prototyping tools. With a solid grounding in UX trends and practices, their design sense in creating interactive simulations and videos, is just out of this world. Take the smart route to liven up your training and demos by just getting in touch with us.


Great presentations don’t just happen! Presentations have a ton of purposes ranging from pitching a service to showcasing products. Needless to say, each section of a presentation requires thoughtful planning and effort. Starting from the content to the layout and aesthetics, its success lies in capturing the viewers’ attention. The diacriTech team can help you to combat shrinking attention spans with spectacular PowerPoint presentations. By combining infographic, custom illustrations, charts, and animated videos, we make sure your concepts and ideas are communicated in the best possible manner.

Logo Creation

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